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What ages do you represent?

We represent ages 5 and up.



Do I need a professional headshot?

Yes. In order to be considered for representation with our agency, you need professional headshots taken by a professional headshot photographer.



How much experience do I need to be considered?

Everyone is new at some point and we love grooming newer talent. However…there’s lots of competition in this industry and in order to work professionally, we recommend classes with a reputable acting studio and at least 5 on-camera credits before submitting to us. If you are under 18, experience isn’t as important as it is for adults, but we still require professional headshots and some form of on-camera training.



How do I get experience?

Take acting classes with a reputable acting studio, get advice from other working professionals, audition for student films, take workshops with casting directors. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter  and you’ll see that we re-post acting classes, workshops, etc. from recommended professionals.



Can I come in and drop off my headshot/resume in person?

No. We do not accept walk-ins at all. You must submit online and be invited to come meet with us. Remember – we’re busy working on behalf of the talent we already represent!



I’m not really great on the computer…can I just mail in my headshot/resume?

Sorry, but no. Basic computer skills are an important part of the acting industry these days. Almost all submissions are done online, so you’ll need to figure out how to do things like upload your headshot and resume on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to google or ask a knowledgeable friend for help!



Do I need a demo reel?

No. A GOOD demo reel is a bonus, but it’s not required. It’s better to have no demo reel than an amateur one.



Can I call to see if you received my submission?

Please don’t. If you follow the instructions on our submission page, we definitely received it. We normally review submissions every 2 – 3 weeks, but we receive too many submissions to reply to everyone directly. If we feel we have a spot for you in our talent roster, we will contact you. If you don’t hear from us, feel free to resubmit in 6 months.



What do you charge to be represented?

There is no charge to be represented. We make our money by taking a commission from your earnings. There is, however, a cost to being a professional actor. You’ll have fees for casting websites, professional headshots, acting classes, etc., but none of those fees are paid to us.

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